What are you more likely to be Addicted to?

Is its chocolate? Facebook? Sex? Alcohol? Food? Or something else? Lets find out. Take this test.

Which two words best describe your idea of a perfect Weekend?

Which two words best describe your idea of a perfect Weekend?

What are you more likely to be Addicted to?

  1. You got: Caffeine

    The addiction you're most likely to have is caffeine! Whether is be espresso or red bull, you can't get your day started without enough caffeine to deal with the world. And we don't blame you! The world is a hard place! Like most caffeine addicts, you're talkative, intelligent, witty, on the go and always have a least a million things on your mind at once. You're a busybody, and that extra shot in your latte is what keeps you going! This addiction is perfect for making friends, climbing the corporate ladder and getting to know your local barista. What's there not to love about that?!

  2. You got: Alcohol

    The addiction you're most inclined to have is alcohol! Don't Panic! You are an enjoyable person who knows how to have fun! Your friends would definitely say that you're the life of the party. But there's a deep side to your personality. You're empathetic, understanding and a good listener. Not so bad, eh? The truth is that you're actually a bit of an introvert that just needs a drink or two to loosen up and be social. But once you loosen up, you're the best of the best.

  3. You got: Cannabis

    The addiction you're most inclined to have is Cannabis. Open-minded, laid back, grounded, and a deep thinker. You also have a creative side that can manifest itself in all kinds of different pursuits from music to art. You don't have the energy for all the hustle and bustle of caffeine addicts or the crazy antics of drinkers. You just want to kick back, make some art, and stare gaze. The good news, is your chances of doing something dangerous while high is extremely low and marijuana is already legal in several U.S. States. Our advice? Head to Colorado.

  4. You got: Food

    Nom nom nom! Put that sandwhich down and listen here! The addiction you're most inclined to have is food! You just can't stop yourself! You love food! And we definitely don't blame you. There's honestly nothing in life that can't be made better with a delicious burger, salad, pasta, burrito, cookie, you name it! Your love for all things delicious means that you're a very sensual personality. You deeply appreciate the finer things in life. You love art, music, fashion, the culinary arts; anything that looks, sounds, smells or tastes amazing! You also have a killer sense of humor!

  5. You got: Gambling

    The addiction you're most inclined to have is gambling! You're a risk taker, a thrill seeker, and true gambler at heart. You're an adventurous personality! There's nothing you won't try and you pride yourself on the risks you take. You have a wanderlust that few can understand and you're always looking for something to challenge yourself. Your losses are big, but your wins are even bigger. Your flight to Vegas is waiting!

  6. You got: Chocolate

    The addiction you're most inclined to have is chocolate! If there's one thing you can't live without, it's chocolate! Milk chocolate, White chocolate, dark chocolate, you love it all! And chocolate cake? Oh, there's not stopping you when it comes to chocolate cake. Studies have shown that the experience of eating chocolate results in feel good neurotransmitters (mainly dopamine - which is also released while laughing and having sex) being released in the brain. So you're not just imagining that ecstatic feeling you getting every time you bite down on a delicious chocolate bar! Your chocolate-loving personality just means that you're a seriously interesting person, friendly, out-going, and loved by almost everyone -- just like chocolate!

  7. You got: TV

    The addiction you're most inclined to have is television! You're a true day dreamer with your head in the clouds. You're artistic, creative, intuitive and pride yourself on being able to think outside of the box. For you TV isn't just about shows, you get involved, you connect!. You can binge watch an entire season in one day. A stressful day just means a marathon of your favorite when you get home. You identify with the characters of your favorite shows, and frequently live vicariously through them. You often remember past events by thinking about what was happening to the characters of your favorite shows at the same time. You should write a script, turn your TV addiction into a career!

  8. You got: Sex

    The secret is out! The addiction you're most inclined to have is sex! You're sensual, passionate, and absolutely irresistible. We're not going to try to guess your sex number (though we can BTW, seriously! Check it here http://bit.ly/1vKh26N later) but we can tell you that your sexual energy is quite impressive! You love all things sensual. Anything pleasing to the eye, soft to touch, and delicious to taste is what you live for. You have a colorful personality with a knack for finding interesting people. There's nothing you hate more than being bored, and you're always looking for the next hot date or crazy fling. If you've already settled down, we're surprised that you ever make it out of the bedroom. We must say, you are quite impressive!