How Old Is Your Soul?

Yes, you know your real age. But do you know how old are you at soul? Take this test. Lets find out.

Where do you spend most of your time?

Where do you spend most of your time?

How Old Is Your Soul?

  1. You got: New Born Soul

    You have a brand new soul! You are young at heart, excited to be alive, curious, adventurous and extremely positive in your views. For you, life is just a riddle that needs to be solved. Your soul hadn't yet been hurt and bruised by many previous lives and incarnations. Infant souls don't usually question authority and the core values you were raised on. Everything is fresh for you, and you experience it with joy and amazement.

  2. You got: Teenage Soul

    You have a young soul! You are adventurous at heart, curious and a little rebellious. You have your own views on everything, you don't like it when other people tell you what to do (especially people who are close to you), and you would always do whatever you think is best for you. Young souls tend to be the movers and shakers of their surroundings. They sometimes set the bar too high and aim for as many achievements as possible - it is mostly due to the fact that they fear death and want to experience everything they possibly can while they still can. Young souls are stubborn, but that's why they're the ones who actually make a change.

  3. You got: Adult Soul

    You have a mature soul! You are a very mature person, you know that in order to accomplish something in life, you have to work hard and challenge yourself constantly. Mature souls question the motivation for all of their life�s actions. They sometimes stay too long in inappropriate relationships - believing that through self-sacrifice, or tough lessons, they will ultimately prove to be more powerful. Often they can�t shake their sense of duty, and tend to suffer from stress more than others, but they�re smart enough to seek help. Mature souls often make huge contributions to the world's knowledge - especially philosophical and scientific. Although they don�t necessarily have the drive for fame, many still achieve it. They tend to be emotionally high maintenance.

  4. You got: Old Soul

    You have an old soul! You are wise, relaxed, calculated and resourceful. You don't let the small problems in life get to you, and you see every situation in the right proportions. Old souls live and let live. They�re individualistic and easy going and do not waste time pursuing meaningless or unreachable goals like fame and fortune. They're very competent - even if they don't really love what they're doing. Old souls create confidence in animals, and tend to gravitate toward alternative and holistic medical care. Old souls all over this world share an experience of emptiness and a longing for a feeling of home.

  5. You got: Ancient Soul

    You have an ancient soul! You are wise beyond your years, you know exactly how to handle life and you make sure to never get caught unprepared. Your soul has been with us not for decades, but for centuries, dating back to Victorian times or even the middle ages. Ancient souls are here to teach others their spiritual understandings and lessons that they learned in all their years on this earth. They seek truth wherever they go and whenever they can, and have a finer sense of knowing what is true, more than any other souls level.