What Do The Pictures You Choose Say About You?

Pick out of gemstones, animals, tarot cards, and more- and find out what your choices say about you!

Pick the first gem stone that catches your attention

Pick the first gem stone that catches your attention

What Do The Pictures You Choose Say About You?

  1. You got: Wild Flower

    You're a wild flower. You like to be spontaneous. You live life to the fullest. People look up to you because you have such a bright soul. You stay out of drama. You have nothing but good intentions. You're nice to everyone until they give you a reason not to be. You love to have fun but also know when it's time to be responsible. You keep secrets, and you are very loyal.

  2. You got: Kind Hearted

    You're a kind hearted, genuine human being. People look at you and see that you shine greatness. Your humble attitude makes everyone love you even more. You treat others the way you would want to be treated. You have love for all living things. You do for others as much as you can. You're friendly, and loyal. There needs to be more people like you in the cruel world.

  3. You got: Artistic Adventurer

    You are very artistic and you crave adventure. You strive to be a good natured person. You like to put others before yourself, but you have to remember it's always good to treat yourself also. You love nature and animals, and to be outside all the time. You have a fierce side as well, but only to the people that deserve it. You have trust issues, because you have been hurt so many times. You have a great sense of humor and there should be so many more people out there that are like you. You are one of a kind.

  4. You got: The Fun One

    You are always the life of the party. You love to try & learn new things. You're very intelligent, and like to see the brighter side of every situation. Though you have been through a lot in your life, you always try to stay positive, which people admire you for. You like to kick it with just about anyone, 'cause you are the kind of person that everyone just loves to be around. You're very honest and sometimes very very blunt, but hey, someones needs to be, right? Don't ever change, you are wonderful.

  5. You got: Simple & Sweet

    You tend to be the shy one. but once you get to know someone, you break out of your shell. You love to talk for hours, about all types of things. You are full of knowledge, love, and you are a great friend. You are optimistic most of the time, and when bad things get thrown your way you try everything you can to make the best out of it. You're sensitive, but you don't let it show sometimes, you don't want to seem vulnerable. And when you believe in something, you always stand up for it. You have a great head on your shoulders.