What Role Do You Play in Your Family?

Family System Theorists have divided the family unit into specific 'roles' corresponding to unique emotional responsibilities and traits. Let's find out which of these roles you play in YOUR family!

As a child, you were mostly:

As a child, you were mostly:

What Role Do You Play in Your Family?

  1. You got: The Perfect One

    You're the perfect one! Mature and sensible, you're the family's greatest success. You're respectful and trustworthy, and considered to be the smart and capable one. Although you may occasionally fear failure, your natural intellect and talent will take you far (and make your family look good).

  2. You got: The Sacrificing one

    You always want to see others happy! You always know how to crack a joke and keep everyone around you happy. Sometimes you get 'blamed' for things not done by you and people fail to recognize your successes. Although you might not be as appreciated as you deserve, your humble nature and impressive listening skills are beloved by anyone who gets to know you.

  3. You got: The Quiet One

    You're the quiet one! A dreamer at heart, you stay out of the way of family drama and avoid being the center of attention. You're creative and agreeable, generally avoidant of conflict, and deeply loving at heart. Although you may sometimes feel unrecognized, your peaceful presence is necessary to the well being of your family unit.

  4. You got: The Jokester

    You're the jokester! You're the family mascot who breaks the tension and lightens the mood with your sense of humor and goofy antics. Charming and extroverted, you have a unique ability to shift the mood in a room and you frequently surprise people with your compassion and emotional depth. Your family would be lost without you!

  5. You got: The Socialite

    You're the socialite! A total party animal, you're spirited and sensual with a passion for life and an infectious energy. You enjoy being the center of attention and frequently stimulate the same passion and energy in those around you. You make your family at least a little bit cooler!

  6. You got: The Cook

    You're the cook! Deeply family-oriented and down to earth, you love cooking and baking for the people who mean the most to you. You're happiest when everyone is together and comfortable, and your compassionate and wise presence draws everyone to the same atmosphere. You're the one people come to with their emotional problems, and your family would be lost without your advice, unconditional love, and delicious meals!