What Is Your Most Dominant Character Trait?

Which one of your best personality traits stands out amongst all the others?

What makes you a good friend?

What makes you a good friend?

What Is Your Most Dominant Character Trait?

  1. You got: Sensitivity

    Your Sensitivity is your Most Dominant Character Trait! You have a big heart with a lot of love to go around. Not only that, but you are extra aware of other people's feelings and very conscious as to how their emotions are affected by yours and other's behavior. The level of empathy you possess is greatly appreciated and picked up on by your friends and family, which is why you're such great company to have around.

  2. You got: Generosity

    Generosity is your Most Dominant Character Trait! You are a very giving person; whether this is true for personal belongings, emotional support or luxurious possessions, you prove that sharing certainly is caring. You like to help others experience the great things in your life by spreading the wealth and fortune, but also by opening up about yourself in the hopes of exchanging greater personal understanding with the people you surround yourself with. Being generous doesn't necessarily have to be material, and you show that very well.

  3. You got: Ambition

    Your Most Dominant Character Trait is Ambition! You are a true fighter who knows that getting anything done the right way absolutely needs motivation and drive. When you have a goal or set a plan for yourself, there is no stopping you. You are a strong-minded individual who can accomplish anything within a given period of time. You are very passionate when it comes to things you're excited about and this is what makes you so reliable and effective with anything you set out do.

  4. You got: Analytical

    Being Analytical is your Most Dominant Character Trait! You have the ability to dig beneath the surface and read people and situations accurately. You are incredibly observant, and that makes your thought process both deep and complex. You don't take things for what they may seem to be at first sight and you have the gift of perception beyond the naked eye. You understand human actions, relationships, and body language exceptionally well, but you also have a strong understanding of books, art, and anything expressive that requires prolonged explanation.

  5. You got: Sociable

    Being Sociable is your Most Dominant Character Trait! You are a social butterfly and a blast to be around. Being an extrovert comes naturally to you (as it should), so it's no wonder why external energy from other people gets you excited and happy to be in their presence. You like asking questions and meeting new friends that you can have new experiences with because this always invites new adventure and new stories to tell at the next social circle you find yourself hanging out with!

  6. You got: Courageous

    Your Courage is your Most Dominant Character Trait! You are a fearless individual, afraid of almost nothing. This can most likely be attributed to your bold, confident attitude that you take everywhere with you, or perhaps you just really enjoy a good challenge! Regardless, you laugh in the face of danger and you usually never turn down standing up for a cause that needs your strength and stability. You have faith in yourself and a thick backbone, a perfect combination for facing any obstacle or wild adventure without fear right in front of you.

  7. You got: Trustworthy

    Being Trustworthy is your Most Dominant Character Trait! Anyone who is close to you knows that they can come to you to keep a secret or to confide their deepest feelings in confidence. You firmly believe in the power of honesty, but you also uphold the true meaning of dependability, assuring those around you that they can trust you with more than just secrets. This may be something as complicated as money or as simple as keeping a promise. Either way, you set the bar high for being trustworthy, which is an important character quality to have.