Where Is The Source Of Your Soul?

Scientists have recently discovered the human soul! Where is yours? Let's find out!

Do you feel in touch with a higher purpose?

Do you feel in touch with a higher purpose?

Where Is The Source Of Your Soul?

  1. You got: Head

    Your soul is in your head! You're intelligent, rational, and graceful. Your natural beauty is unmatched and you're incredibly charming. When balanced you excel in decision making, intellectual pursuits and rational thinking. When unbalanced you can be lost in the clouds, overly analytical and somewhat neurotic. You don't always have two feet on the ground but you boast a remarkably creative and inspirational outlook on the world. Your mind is highly evolved and you're soul yearns for the more refined and intellectually stimulating pursuits in life!

  2. You got: Throat

    Your soul is in your throat! You're creative, social and hilarious. When balanced you express yourself artistically and confidently, mastering impressive conversational and social skills. When unbalanced you can often become lost in petty conflicts and lack self-confidence. Your voice is the gateway of your soul into the world. You're naturally persuasive and your eloquent speech is incredibly inspirational. You have the power to change the world through your words, what are you waiting for?

  3. You got: Third Eye

    Your soul is in your third eye! You're deeply spiritual and intuitive with natural psychic abilities. When balanced you can harness your inner spiritual senses for achieving new levels of enlightenment, as well as guiding others. When unbalanced you risk losing touch with your intuition and make decisions that don't strengthen your natural spiritual talents. Your soul is capable of miracles! Channel your deep intuition and your dreams will come true!

  4. You got: Hands

    Your soul is in your hands! You're active, helpful, and focused on being the change that you want to see in the world. When balanced you're eager to help others and find practical solutions for real-life problems. When unbalanced you may become overly cynical and materialistic. You're down to earth, grounded and reliable. You're not lost in the clouds and you know better than the rest of us that real problems need real solutions. You're a doer and your natural ability to get things done will take you far in life. Never hesitate to extend a helping hand, because in doing so you reveal your truest self!

  5. You got: Spine

    Your soul is in your spine! You are rooted and grounded, capable and ambitious. You crave material success and security and fear failure. When balanced you're strong, brave and a successful risk taker. When unbalanced you may become overly materialistic and rigid. Like the spinal column supports the body, you support your loved ones and family is incredibly important to you. You thrive in structure and your down to earth approach wins the admiration of your superiors. You carry within you incredible strength, use it to build the life you've always dreamt of and things will naturally fall into place!

  6. You got: Abdomen

    Your soul is in your abdomen! You're confident, outgoing, intuitive and naturally control. When balanced, you thrive on attention and naturally perform with confidence and a deep sense of self-worth. You love the spotlight and when you're the center of attention your natural light helps others see theirs! When unbalanced you may become arrogant or selfish. Your intuition is incredibly strong and you have a natural gut feeling that is never wrong. Channel your inner fire into worthy pursuits, and you'll see your name in lights!

  7. You got: Heart

    Your soul is in your heart! You're giving, compassionate, and deeply romantic. You're incredibly emotional and empathetic with a natural sense of purpose. You can easily "read" people and you connect with loved ones on a profound level. You easily feel the pain of others and you strive to help and heal all who come across your path. You are a natural healer, with a deep love for life. When balanced, you're full of love and positivity. When unbalanced, you tend to be overly emotional and easily taken advantage of! Always choose love and trust your heart! We desperately need you in this world!