Which five letter word best describes you?

Find the 5 letter word that best describes you! Take this interesting test.

Which of these words do you hate the most?

Which of these words do you hate the most?

Which five letter word best describes you?

  1. You got: Elite

    You represent the best of the best! Classy doesn't quite begin to describe the way you act and treat others. You have a strong sense of self with the ability to dazzle others with your wit and charm. Sophisticated, cosmopolitan and refined, you never settle for less in life!

  2. You got: Sassy

    You've never been the type of person who lets anyone put you down because you are bold, audacious and honest! That fearlessness has taken you a long way in this life and while you sometimes intimidate others, they eventually learn that you are kind hearted and caring.

  3. You got: Proud

    You are a noble, determined and strong-willed individual who has overcome many obstacles on the road to life. Despite the challenges, you are confident in yourself and never let anyone make you feel inferior! You're proud of who you are and what you've accomplished and no one can EVER take that away from you!

  4. You got: Funky

    Your offbeat, eccentric and unconventional approach to life is contagious! People envy your ability to go with the flow and find your own rhythm, no matter the situation. When it comes to the opinions of others, you never let haters get you down and you keep on rolling with a smile on your face! Get down with your bad self!

  5. You got: Happy

    When it comes to life, you prefer to take an optimistic and positive approach! Even when things become challenging, you manage to look at the bright side, which is something that many others struggle with. You're great to have around during tough situations, because your happiness radiates from the inside and keeps everyone else calm! Good for you!

  6. You got: Goofy

    Zany, quirky and 100% unique, you are a goofball who loves to laugh with a playful personality that always keeps people amused! Whether it's playing pranks on your friends or coming up with absurd jokes, you're the life of the party who is never afraid to be a little weird!

  7. You got: Funny

    Humorous, outspoken and amusing, you keep people in stitches thanks to your constant antics and ability to captivate an audience! You thrive in the spotlight and have the ability to laugh at yourself in any situation! Good for you for never taking yourself too seriously!

  8. You got: Jazzy

    You've got the music in you! You have a flashy personality and an unforgettable presence that makes everyone around you feel alive! You dance to the beat of your own drum and like to color outside the lines! Keep on groovin'!