What Emotion Are You Guided By?

What is the most dominant emotion that basically drives your life, and affects your decisions and choices?

Your best friend just asks you for a $100, saying he'll pay you back soon. Pick the face that best describes your reaction:

Your best friend just asks you for a $100, saying he'll pay you back soon. Pick the face that best describes your reaction:

What Emotion Are You Guided By?

  1. You got: Lust

    You are a very passionate person. You have a lust for love, a lust for life, a lust for knowledge. You always follow your heart, no matter what stands in your way or what the repercussions will be. A word of advice: count to ten before doing something rushed, and never lose your inner desire

  2. You got: Fear

    You sometimes tend to be driven by fear - The fear of failure, the fear of 'what if', the fear of what others will say. You should try to ignore these thoughts and do something completely because you WANT to, without worrying about the consequences. Start small but aim high, and most importantly - leave your fears behind you

  3. You got: Compassion

    You are a very warm, loving, sympathetic person. You will always try to help others in need, even if you might get hurt in the process. Your compassion guides you through decisions you make and important life choices, and that's what makes you the unique person you are - you never forget to think about others. Keep helping those around you, but don't forget to think about yourself

  4. You got: Hope

    You are a very hopeful person. You always see the glass as being half full, and for you, things can always improve and thrive. Your life is guided by your ability to see the bright side in every situation, to think of the rainbow after the storm. You always believe things can get better, and there could not be a better way to view this life. Keep up with the positive attitude and spread it around, we all need some more hope in our hearts

  5. You got: Curiosity

    To you, everything is a mystery. You live for new experiences, you're thirsty for knowledge, and the second you smell a bit of routine, you get bored. Your curiosity guides your decisions and choices, and thus, no one can stop you from wanting to constantly learn and learn more. Keep asking a lot of questions, searching for answers and trying to figure out what this life is all about (let us know if you did - we're curious!)

  6. You got: Vulnerability

    You are a very emotional, sensitive person. You act upon your feelings, even if it's hurting you, and your strong and vivid emotions tend to get the best of you. Being vulnerable is not a negative thing - it makes you more aware of other people's emotions and when they might be hurt. Trying to grow a thicker skin might be a good idea, but don't hurry. Keep your tender soul alive for as long as you can, it's precious

  7. You got: Confidence

    You are one of those people who were born to lead. You let your confidence lead you in life, but you're never arrogant or condescending, you know what you're worth and you don't need to constantly flaunt it. You're brave and trustworthy, you know what you want and you always figure out how to get it. Keep that self esteem up, it's the best way to accomplish everything you've ever dreamed

  8. You got: Pride

    You are a very proud person. Your name and reputation matter to you, and you will never lose your dignity for anyone, no matter what. You take your personal and professional life very seriously, and you're not hesitant to brag about it when you reach great accomplishments. Humility is important, but knowing what you're worth and feeling confident about it is even more crucial. Just pay attention to those moments when your pride stops you from experiencing things and truly enjoying life. Don't let your beautiful sense of pride turn into Hubris