What Do Your Color Choices Reveal About You?

Let us tell you what your color preference says about different aspects of your personality!

What Do Your Color Choices Reveal About You?

  1. You got: AMBITIOUS

    Your stress sources: You feel that your position or role in certain aspects of your life is threatened or not properly recognized by others and this causes you anxiety. You often feel that you are not living your life in a way where you fulfill your complete potential. Your dreams and goals: Your greatest ambition in life is to change the world. You are not content with a simple life, yet you strive to achieve great things. You aren�t necessarily sure yet how you will do this, but you want to leave an impact in the world as an inspiration to others. Your negative characteristics: You can be oversensitive and easily insulted. You sometimes hold back emotionally and tend to deal with conflict passive aggressively. Your strengths: You always push yourself to the limit. Your work ethic is tireless and you enjoy being stimulated by new challenges. You have a strong energy that draws people towards you because you are an optimistic individual, yet very honest and real as well.

  2. You got: BENEVOLENT

    Your stress sources: Most of your stress comes from social anxieties. You have very high expectations of other people and therefore you get stressed easily when you are let down. You�ve struggled with self-confidence issues so you have some trouble letting people in. Your dreams and goals: Your greatest ambition in life is happiness and to share that joy with others. You value your career and professional life, but when you envision your future you mostly think about things like huge family gatherings and being in love. Your negative characteristics: Sometimes you let people take advantage of you, or you are overly nice or trustworthy towards people who don�t deserve your attention, but it is merely a reflection of your compassionate nature.Your strengths: You are a very loyal, devoted and empathetic person. People confide in you about their deepest struggles because of your nurturing and generous spirit. You have a very pure heart and get joy from doing good things for others.

  3. You got: VISIONARY

    Your stress sources: You get stressed easily from deadlines. You tend to procrastinate and leave things to the last minute which causes you worry that you will not perform your best or get the acknowledgement you deserve. Your dreams and goals: Your greatest ambition in life is to build and create. You are a true visionary and there are a lot of things that you dream of making that you would love to see come to fruition. You have an abundance of innovative ideas in your head that you strive to make a reality. Your negative characteristics: You can be inwardly focused at times. You think about yourself first and can appear conceited or uninterested. Although this is a flaw, it also reflects your motivation and drive, and the fact that you have high confidence and believe in yourself. Your strengths: You are highly imaginative and creative. You are self-reflective and very in touch with your emotions as well as others. Being a people person makes you very social and charming and successful in many areas of your life.

  4. You got: FIERCE

    Your stress sources: Most of the anxiety in your life comes from your romantic relationships where you worry about putting yourself out there too much or not opening up enough. You are very passionate so you worry about driving your partner away with your intensity.Your dreams and goals: Your greatest ambition in life is to maintain balance. You dream of a life comprised of an abundance of health, happiness and success for yourself but also for those you love. You strive to lead a positive and joy-filled life in your family, career and personal relationships. Your negative characteristics: You can be very temperamental, going from extreme levels of joy to low points of depression. You feel everything with intensity. Although this can get you in trouble and cause you to act impulsively, it shows that you have passion and emotional intelligence. Your strengths: You are opinionated and have very strong communication skills- you are also a natural born leader. When you put your mind to something you will do whatever it takes to achieve your best and you are always challenging yourself. People admire you for your curious and optimistic outlook on life and come to you for strength and guidance.