In Which Famous Disaster Did You Die In Your Past Life?

You know, you might have died in some famous disaster in your past life.. Lets find out what it was from the depths of your memory.

You are:

You are:

In Which Famous Disaster Did You Die In Your Past Life?

  1. You got: The Titanic

    You died on board of the sinking Titanic! You were a rich nobleman who sailed alone aboard the Titanic. When the magnificent ship hit the iceberg, you were just preparing to go to sleep. Once you've discovered that there's not enough boats for all the passengers, you went to the lower decks and took two small children who would surely drown. You said that they were your children, and that they will take your place on the life boat. These two children grew up and lived a full life thanks to your quick thinking. You were a truly amazing person!

  2. You got: In The Ice Age

    Your soul is a very old one, and it dates all the way back to the Ice Age! You were one of the brave humans who ventured out of their villages during the ice age and actually battled giant mammoths! You used the mammoth's bones to build a shelter, and their fur kept the kids nice and warm. You were called the Mammoth-Slayer, and there wasn't a kid in village who didn't look up to you!

  3. You got: The Hindenburg Disaster

    You perished during the Hindenburg disaster! On that terrible day, you heard a big explosion in the sky, and rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, you spotted a pregnant woman stuck between two pieces of metal. You tried your best but couldn't get her out on your own. You asked a stranger to help you, and together you managed to save the woman, who screamed that her little boy was still trapped inside the wreckage. Without any hesitation, you plunged inside and got the little boy to his mother. Sadly, you inhaled a lot of smoke during that rescue mission, and died a few minutes afterwards. Your act of courage was not forgotten, and the woman decided to call her newborn baby after you!

  4. You got: The Black Plague

    You died during the Black Plague. In your past life, you were a nurse who worked with the sick and wounded in France. When the plague took your family away from you, you decided to dedicate what's left of your life to help others die in a dignified and peaceful way. Thanks to your loyal care and big heart, a lot of people felt at ease while battling this awful disease. You were truly an angel from above to these people!

  5. You got: Pompeii

    You died in Pompeii! During that fateful morning, your family was busy making final arrangements for your wedding, that was supposed to happen the following day. When you noticed that the nearby volcano is starting to awaken, you took your fiance and family, and made them leave town. Although they thought you were completely mad, they eventually did as you said, and were saved. You stayed behind to help those who could not leave the town, and eased their suffering.

  6. You got: The Destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah

    You died during the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah! During your previous life, you were a truly wild one! You loved to party, drink and feast your soul. However, you still managed to raise a beautiful family and keep a good circle of friends. During the great destruction, you managed to get your family to safety (contrary to the known tale), but had to sacrifice your own life in the process. Your actions were truly heroic, and proved that good people were still around at Sodom & Gomorrah.