Which 4 Letter Word Perfectly Describes You?

We're not talking about the dirty ones. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Do you curse often?

Do you curse often?

Which 4 Letter Word Perfectly Describes You?

  1. You got: Love

    You know how to give and receive loads of love! You're a kind spirited individual with a heart of gold who stands up for what you believe in! You always find the good in every situation, even when things seem difficult. You let your heart guide you through life and are open to new, fun experiences!

  2. You got: Foxy

    You are very in tune with your mind and body and have a sensual approach to life and love. There is something mysterious and alluring about your that draws people to your presence. You live a life that is full of passion and adventure and have had many exciting stories to tell!

  3. You got: YOLO

    You understand that life is short and therefore, take risks and chase adventure. You're not afraid to break some rules and get wild on occasion. You rarely let the opinions of others affect the decisions that you make and you always march to the beat of your own drum. You're social and love being the life of the party! Keep having fun because after all, You Only Live Once!

  4. You got: Chic

    You have an impeccable sense of style that is unique and modern. You are a cultured individual who enjoys the finer things that life has to offer. You stay on top of what's trendy and always like to look your best. You keep it cool when it comes to stress and know how to handle yourself calmly in tense situations.

  5. You got: Cute

    You are totally adorable! You have smile that can light up a room and you stay positive and cheerful when faced with challenging situations. When people see your delightful face, it instantly brightens their day. You are a loyal friend and family member who has the power to transform people's moods in a way that is fun and positive.

  6. You got: Cool

    You are cool as a cucumber and have a sense of confidence that is enviable. You don't try to hard to be awesome, it just comes naturally to you. People can count on you for a good laugh and you're always down to try new things and go on adventures. Despite how cool you are, you still manage to stay humble and do good things for other people.

  7. You got: Pure

    You have a pure heart that is free of animosity and envy towards others. You do not concern yourself with other people's negative emotions and your aura is beaming with positivity and optimism! You are a non-judgmental person who focuses on doing the right thing and being kind to others. Heaven must be missing angels!

  8. You got: Sexy

    You are oozing with charisma and sex appeal. Even when you're not trying, you are able to draw people towards your magnetic personality because you are so charming and warm. People feel comfortable around you and at the same time, find you completely irresistible! When you walk into a room, everyone notices you immediately. You are one hot thing!