What do your friends think of you?

Ever wondered what your friends think of you secretly? Take this simple quiz to find out.

Which of these movie friendships appeal to you the most?

Which of these movie friendships appeal to you the most?

What do your friends think of you?

  1. You got: Pretty/handsome

    Your friends think you are extremely pretty/handsome! They just love to be with you all the time! You make their lives happy with your charm. Your character goes along with your appearance to make you more attractive. And the best of all, many of them consider you as their best friend.

  2. You got: Weird

    People think you are weird. Seriously, they do. It's good that you don't care what they think, but maybe you are just a smidgen on the strange side. If you want to have more friends or improve your image, try to shape up and start talking serious.

  3. You got: Really Friendly

    You're really friendly! People have fun with you, and you care about people. You may or may not stand out in a crowd, but it doesn't matter. Anything anyone has to say negative about you is probably cancelled by someone saying the opposite.

  4. You got: The hero friend

    Many of your friends see you like a real hero. You are the first person they will ever look out for when they are in trouble. You are more like a “Anything for my friends” character. You risk anything to help your friends. You are brave and confident and your friends feel safe when they have you around.

  5. You got: The best friend in the world

    Seriously, many of your friends consider you as the best friend ever in this world. They feel the best when you are around them. You care for them more than you do for yourself. You never hurt them with even a single word. They think you are the one they could approach for any help or advice. You love your friends more than anything else. They feel so lucky to be your friend. And the best of all, many of them consider you as their best friend.

  6. You got: Shy and reserved

    Your friends may not see much of you; you don't tend to stick out in a crowd, and they'll say that you don't care about them. You seem to be shy to them. But you know how to have fun on your own terms, and you probably enjoy the peace and joy of your own space and time. There's nothing wrong with this - don't let anyone tell you different.

  7. You got: Selfish

    You may not think of yourself as selfish, but your friends sure do. You hold your own in a group of people; but you tend to think of yourself ahead of others, and you don't quite have as much fun as the rest of your friends. Lighten up, and your friends will think better of you.

  8. You got: The Funny friend

    You friend think you are too funny. You make them laugh all the time. They love to hang out around you. You are never too serious or get hurt easily. Your absence even makes them feel bored that they will call you up every now and then. You could keep talking to your close friends for hours! You are the one that makes your group pics funny. You might notice many of them grab you into their selfies. They see you as the happiest guy/girl in your gang. Your sad face would be the thing they would never ever want to see.