Who Is Your 2015 Valentine?

Take the quiz to find out. The results are scarily accurate !!

What is the first thing you notice in men?

What is the first thing you notice in men?

Who Is Your 2015 Valentine?

  1. You got: Chris Hemsworth

    Your sexy valentine is a really good dancer! Check out Australia�s Dancing With The Stars if you haven�t done so yet. Chris was born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, and received extensive dialect training that allowed him to completely drop his Aussie accent. A responsible guy, he stayed in his manager's guesthouse for a period of time to save money. He was chosen by Cosmopolitan as one of the Fun and Fearless Men, and revealed that the most fearless thing he's ever done in real life was briefly steal a golf cart. You�re going to have a lot of fun with this one!!

  2. You got: Channing Tatum

    Your valentine was an Abercrombie and Fitch model before he became our favorite movie superstar. He Likes Fairies, which is a little weird, but with that body nobody really cares. His motto is "good friends and beautiful futures." His favorite place in the house to read over scripts is a warm, bubbly bathtub. And his favorite song to perform on stage was Ushers �You Make Me Wanna�. So do you wanna Channing all over your Tatum?

  3. You got: Adam Levine

    Your heavily tattooed valentine has always been a hard-working, diligent guy. He once worked as a waiter at Johnny Rockets hamburger restaurant just to make ends meet. His first kiss came at age 11, with a girl named Katie at a performing arts camp, but he�s been fairly ambiguous about his first sexual adventure. Your sexy match is also a daily devotee of yoga � when on the road, he travels with an instructor and conduct sessions before each concert. Maroon 5's debut album was based on songs Adam about wrote about his ex-girlfriend. Just imagine what he�d write about you!!

  4. You got: Ryan Gosling

    Your 2015 valentine is the kindest, most chivalrous man in Hollywood. He once bought out an entire Girl Scout Cookie stand and handed them out to people on the street; he�s a fierce anti-cow dehorning advocate; and he even took ballet. His childhood nickname was �Trouble�, He likes doing the dishes, and he used to play spin the bottle with the legendary Britney Spears. Ryan is also courageous � he gave himself his own tattoo with a tattoo kit, and he�s sweetly na�ve � he truly believes there�s an army of cats patrolling Disney World that comes out at night and eat all the mice. He�s a keeper!!

  5. You got: Hugh Jackman

    Your unbelievably talented valentine match is so irresistible that women literally stalk him. Moreover, he�s remarkably smart � he earned a degree in communications with a journalism emphasis from the University of Technology in Sydney. He knows how to weather tough times � before becoming famous, he used to work as a gas station attendant and a clown at birthday parties. He leads a healthy regimen (doesn�t smoke in real life and finds it very difficult to do so in movies). And he loves poppies. Could you ask for more?

  6. You got: Jake Gyllenhaal

    You got yourself the sexiest Jewish stud in the business. He�s one of the most modest guys you�ll ever meet. He was born into a film industry family, yet his parents insisted that he get summer jobs to support himself, and he worked as a lifeguard and a restaurant busboy. He got his first driving lesson from Paul Newman himself, he likes to read and to dance, and he�s willing to provide for you and the children. By the way, instead of having a huge party for his Bar Mitzvah, he spent the day volunteering at a homeless shelter as a means of showing his appreciation for his privileged lifestyle. Need we say more?