What Type of Flower Are You?

Are you a vibrant and creative poppy? A sensitive and private violet? Or a warm and traditional rose?

What's usually the first thing on your mind in the morning?

What's usually the first thing on your mind in the morning?

What Type of Flower Are You?

  1. You got: Sunflower

    Like a sunflower following the path of the sun, you are known for your loyalty, strength and steadiness. You put all of your energy into your relationships and becoming the best possible version of yourself. Friends often turn to you for insight and guidance, and you never let them down!!

  2. You got: Iris

    The iris is considered to be an emblem of wisdom. You are rational, down-to-earth and observant - as such you are an excellent problem-solver. You are fiercely independent and often prefer to work alone, yet you love to be around people (and they love to be around you)

  3. You got: Rose

    You are an eternal romantic, and a firm believer in the power of love, which makes you a thoughtful and caring friend. You may have a few thorns, but there's also lots of beauty in you. You are grounded and balanced - you're able to manage the serious issues in your life with fun. You have a noble and sophisticated bearing, and a healthy sense of humor. You have the best of both worlds!!

  4. You got: Camellia

    The camellia is symbolic for excellence, and really, would you accept anything less? You are a natural born leader with tons of confidence. You are energetic, ambitious, and passionate and these traits guarantee that you will go far

  5. You got: Daisy

    Could you be any cuter?! You're bubbly, optimistic and super-friendly. Everyone wants you at their party. You're creative and often venture outdoors looking for inspiration. People just can't get enough of you and your sunny disposition!

  6. You got: Lily

    You are graceful, gentle, and a little shy. You are often calm and collected, and this has a soothing effect on others. Lily type of people tend to do too much - balancing your nurturing ways, gracefulness, and generosity can be a lot. Your goddess-like sense of poise and presence is quite commanding and as such, people are often drawn towards you

  7. You got: Tulip

    You're sweet, kind and cheerful to all. Your generous with your compliments, but you're also not afraid to tell people what you really think. Having said that, tulip people are very sensitive and thoughtful, connect with people easily and adapt well to change, even if they won't admit it

  8. You got: Orchid

    You are unique, exotic and one of a kind, a true person of the world. Looks are important to you, but your tenacious personality is what draws others in. You don't have a huge circle of friends, but the ones you do have will stick by you. You can be a bit mysterious, but always true and honest with everyone. Your delicate personality exudes a calm and interesting aura