What Does Your Palm Reveal About Your Personality?

Palm reading is the best way to reveal who you truly are!

Which one of your hands is more dominant?

Which one of your hands is more dominant?

What Does Your Palm Reveal About Your Personality?

  1. You got: You are a rationalist with a sense of adventure

    You desire logic and order in the world, and require data and evidence before buying into anything. You truly seek to understand the world for what it is and not just what it appears to be. This desire drives your need for adventure. You feel like you will never truly understand the world until you explore more of it. You dream of taking off and exploring countries and cultures that you have never seen. Remember to take time to fuel that sense of adventure. The responsibilities of every day life can wait, and your soul require more! Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!

  2. You got: You are a passionate person who is seeking freedom in their daily life

    You are driven by your strong ideas and your passionate nature. You stick by your ideals no matter what life throws at you, and you do your best to make a real and lasting impact on the world. Deep down you desire freedom and the opportunity to get away from it all. You dream about floating away and leaving someone else to do your work. It might be time to think about a short vacation, some time to clean your head and make time for yourself. Everyone needs a break once in a while. Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!

  3. You got: You are a strong person who has not let their trauma keep them down

    Although no one would ever guess it, life has not always been easy for you. There is a trauma in your past that threatened to overpower you, but you have worked through it and emerged stronger for it. You are strong, confident, and happy because you haven't let your past hold you back for a moment. You have confronted it and moved on. Your strength of character and emotional stability makes you a good friend in hard times, and a supporter for your loved ones. The strides you have made are impressive, but it is also OK to give yourself the space to feel. If you occasionally need a moment to remember where you came from, do so. Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!

  4. You got: You are extremely creative, and your work keeps your centered

    You are an extremely creative person, who loves to express themselves and their inner world through their art. Whether you are a writer, a musician, or even a gardener, the things you create speak volumes about who you are. When you are in times of distress, it is your creative spirit that keeps you calm and grounded. You know that you can always release any turmoil by keeping busy. You bring so much beauty and joy into the world! Share your gift, touch other lives, only great things can come of it! Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!

  5. You got: You are a loving giver who encourages those around you

    You are an extremely loving person who seeks to spread positive energy to those around you and encourage them to pursue their dreams. You are a giver in every sense of the world, and feel most happy and balanced when you have the opportunity to make someone's life better. You are probably working as or pursuing a career as a care professional. You have a nurturing nature which draws people close to you. Take time to also care for your own needs occasionally. You may find that it will do you good to focus on yourself occasionally. Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!

  6. You got: You are a hard worker who believes that your destiny is in your own hands

    Some people let their life be dictated by where they come from and the lot that has been handed to them in life. You are not one of those people. As far as you're concerned, the world is whatever you make of it. You work extremely hard to rise above your past and take control of your own destiny. Keep up your strong work ethic and sense of purpose! It will take you very far in life! Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!